Anyone can do yoga–whether you’re a couch potato or a professional athlete, young or old, big or small. There are modifications and tools for all poses. Yoga is an ancient bodywork system designed to bring us into balance, harmony, and understanding.

Jean Grant-Sutton selects, adapts and modifies the different practices of yoga appropriately for each individual. She is sensitive to age, culture, religion, and physical conditions to facilitate bringing optimal health to the body and mind.

Private Yoga sessions are a powerful way to create a yoga practice that fits your needs and deepen your awareness of body, mind and spirit.

Cost: $90 per 1 hour session, $135 per 1.5 hour session, sliding scale available

Call 707-481-4122 or e-mail to make an appt.


Yoga Therapy is great for a variety of needs, including:

  • Stress relief
  • Pain relief (back, neck, knee etc.)
  • Better Breathing
  • Flexibility
  • Increased energy
  • Increased strength
  • Decrease of depression and/or anxiety
  • Improved circulation
  • Better focus and concentration
  • Inner peace